Sunday, October 29, 2017

Quick 16-Patch Baby Quilt

This fall I started working on quilts for each of my children.  I'm going in order of need right now :)  My youngest daughter and my son needed quilts first because during the winter, their bedrooms get cooler than the other bedrooms in the house.

My daughter is up first.  I got this Elea Lutz's Little Dolly fabric in from Riley Blake and I thought it was just so adorable, I couldn't resist using it for her quilt.

I didn't follow a pattern.  But here is what I did...I knew I wanted to do little squares, so I decided on a 16-patch.  I used a fat quarter bundle and cut 2- 2.5-inch strips from each fabric from the longer side of the FQ.  Then I joined 4 strips together, pressed, and then cut 2.5-inch strips off of that.  Next, I joined 4 of those together to make one 16-patch.  I made 12 16-patches so that my quilt would be 3 16-patches across and 4 16-patches down.

I separated the 16-patches with 2.5 inch strips and I separated the rows with 2.5 inch strips as well.  Then I bordered the whole thing with 4.5 inch strips.

I sent it to Sterling Quilt Co. to have it quilted.  We decided on a simple stipple pattern.

My daughter chose the pink hearts from the line as the backing.  And then I chose a scrappy binding. I used leftover 2.5 inch strips from the 16-patches to make the binding.  I love it so much.  I love every part of is hard to decide what part is my favorite...the 16-patches or the scrappy binding...all of it <3

Monday, October 2, 2017

Patchwork Christmas Tree Forest Quilt

This past July, I participated in a quilt-a-long hosted on Instagram by @heritage.threads and @kairleoaks.  We made a Holiday Patchwork Forest Quilt.  The pattern is by Diary of a Quilter.  I used the Cotton + Steel bundle sold by Stitch Supply Co.

This was the first time I participated in a quilt-a-long and I really enjoyed it.  I typically don't tend to keep up with "a-longs" of any kinds.  I start with a lot of gusto and fizzle out after a few weeks or days.  But, this pattern by Diary of a Quilter kept my interest.  I think its the improv part of it... it makes it so fun and enjoyable to do each block.  Also, these prints by Cotton+ Steel were so beautiful to work with.  I really, really enjoyed them.  So much so that I'd like to make another one in the future.

I love how you make the blocks in pairs.

Making this quilt went so fast.  Before I knew it, I had a quilt top!

I had this quilted by Quilting By David.  I chose the Retro Tile pattern and I love it so much.  It fits the fabrics and the quilt so perfectly. I got this little sneak peek while we was quilting it.

When I got it back, I chose a Cotton + Steel binding...

Here is a better shot of the retro tile quilting...

And here it is all bound and finished...

I love it so much!  I can't wait to snuggle under it at Christmas.  Actually I have it out now ;) and have been using it since it was finished!  I'm planning my next Patchwork Forest quilt already.  Make one, you will love it so much!!

Friday, September 22, 2017

How to Make Cloth Napkins Using Moda Toweling- Standard Corners

A few months ago, my husband and I were talking about how we could try to use less paper products in our home.  We do pretty good with using really plates.  But we use an inordinate amount of paper napkins, actually our kids do, not exactly us ;)  But we figured we could improve in that area.  So, since then, we have been on the lookout for high quality cloth napkins that we can us over and over.

I started selling Moda Fabrics this past August and I found out that they actually have an area of their brand called Moda Home.  They have really wonderful vintage items.  I ordered a few kinds of their napkins because they looked so pretty, I couldn't resist.

This Very Berry one-

And this Santa one-

You can buy these here in my Etsy Shop.

The other thing I discovered that Moda sells is toweling.  This toweling is amazing!  It is 100% cotton and it is hemmed on both sides.  The toweling has a vintage style so it is nostalgic too.  
Among many things, you can use it to make kitchen towels, aprons, and cloth napkins.

It makes the nicest cloth napkins!!!  They wash up nice.  I haven't had problems with permanent staining.  The feel really nice and they do a good job of wiping your hands clean.  I really love them.

You can buy toweling here.

I wanted to do a quick tutorial on how I use this toweling to make my cloth napkins.  For these napkins, I just do a standard corner.  Its super easy to do.

First you need to measure your toweling.  Moda advertises that the toweling in 16" wide.  Its actually 16"-17.5".  So you need to measure your to find the exact size so you can make square napkins.  Here mine was 17.5" so we are going to use that measurement going forward.  

On the sides that aren't hemmed, you want to use a double fold so that the napkin fabric doesn't unravel as its being used or washed.  I decided that I would do the first fold  at 1/4" and the make the 2nd fold 1/2".  The pre-hemmed edges are 1/2" so I wanted to match that.  

To determine how big to cut your napkin, you add 1.5" to the width of your fabric.  My napkin measured 17.5", so I cut my fabric to 19".  Once the double folded hems are completed on each side, this will give me a 17.5" square napkins.

I used a Frixion pen and drew a line across the non-hemmed sides at 1/4" from the edge and the 1/2" from there.  Then I used my iron and pressed along the 1/4" line.  Next, I folded along the 1/2" line and pressed along that line too.  Once I had both sides pressed, I took the napkin to the sewing machine.

You need to line up your needle with the pre-existing hemline. Sew along that line for an inch or two, backstitching a few times in the beginning to secure the stitches.

Sew straight down to the edge, but not off the edge.

Lift and your pressor foot and pivot the napkin around 180 degrees.

Sew along the line you just made but stop right at the your new hemline.

Lift up your pressor foot again, spin the napkin 90 degrees.  Now you are working along you new hemline.  

Sew to the edge, but not off the napkin.

Lift up your pressor foot again, spin the napkin 180 degrees.  

Now you are going to sew all the way across your new hem.

Continue along and sew straight to the edge, but not off the edge.

Lift up your pressor foot again, spin the napkin 180 degrees.  

Sew along the line you just made but stop right at the intersection of the side hemline.

Lift up your pressor foot again, spin the napkin 90 degrees, so that you are sewing towards the edge of the napkin (not up the pre-hemmed side).

Sew down to the edge, but not off, the napkin.

Lift up your pressor foot again, spin the napkin 180 degrees.  

Sew along the line you just made and continue up the pre-existing hemline for an inch or two.  Backstitch a few times to secure your stitches.  Cut your threads. 

You are all finished!  And your corners look beautiful :)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  And I really hope you enjoy using your new cloth napkins too!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Gooseberry Picnic Quilt

In the beginning of this summer, I decided that I wanted to enjoy lots of family picnics this summer.  My girls love eating outside and sitting on top of a blanket on the ground has even more appeal to them then eating at a picnic table.  In the past we grabbed whatever crocheted blanket was around and took it with us.  But, I decided that a dedicated picnic blanket would be better for us.  And also I think it would make for special memories and nostalgia to use the same blanket every time we picnicked.  

We have 6 people in our family- my husband and I and our 4 kids.  So, I new this needed to be somewhat big so that we could all comfortably sit and enjoy a meal.  

I settled on Gooseberry by Lella Boutique for the fabric.  This fabric reminded me of my childhood and I think it is so, so beautiful. 

I thought over patterns for a while and ended up using this one.  The tutorial by Missouri Star Quilt Company was awesome to follow and I loved how April used layer cakes instead of charm squares.  

It came together quickly, which was great since I wanted to use this right away.

I decided to make it 3 large broken dishes blocks by 3.  The finished size was 76" x 76".

I love how the top turned out.  It is so bright and pretty.  Here is my husband trying to hold it up for a picture :) pretty good try on his part.

Then I sent it to Quilting by David for quilting.  This was the first time I ever sent a quilt out for quilting and I was really excited about it.  Well, David did not disappoint.  I chose the Orange Peel quilting design.  David posted this progress picture-

I was so excited to see it and couldn't wait to get it back!

I settled on the pink and red polka dot binding and got to it as soon as it came back.  This was also the first time I hand bound a quilt.  In th past, I usually did machine binding but I was really excited to try something new.  I watched this tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Company and felt pretty confident to start working on the binding right away.  I do enjoy hand sewing so I really enjoyed hand binding and I think I'll bind my quilts like this from now on. 

As soon as I put the last stitch in the binding, my sewing buddy got really cozy and took a nap :)

Here is how it looks all finished.

I love it so much!  I can see many happy family picnics on it in our future :)   I have made a bunch of things to go with this picnic quilt and I can't wait to share those projects with you soon!  

Quick 16-Patch Baby Quilt

This fall I started working on quilts for each of my children.  I'm going in order of need right now :)  My youngest daughter and m...