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Tutorial: How to Add a Zipper to a Crochet Pouch

I have been crocheting tons of pouches lately and I love lining them with a coordinating fabric and finishing them with a zipper.  I'm not an expert at sewing by any means, but this method works for me.  I use it every time and I am always happy with the results.  I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

In the pictures shown in this tutorial, I am lining the Lee Change Purse.  But, this method will work for any pouch...just adjust the fabric and zipper sizes.

Materials needed- for the fabric lining & zipper (if desired):
• 5" zipper • Fabric- 2 pieces that are roughly 5" high by 6"wide

•Needle & thread
•Sewing machine (optional)
•a few ball head straight pins

Finished size: • Lee Change Purse- 4" high by 5" wide
Making the Lining:
1. Cut out 2 pieces of fabric that are about 1/2-inch larger around than your pouch.

2. Lay one piece of the fabric, right side up, on your worktop.  Place the zipper, right side up, on top of the fabric, centered.

3. Sew along the top edge o…

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